Monday, December 03, 2007

Buy your own Permanent Residency?

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I was amazed to read this item from tonight's Fiji TVs. I find it had to believe this story - so what does that mean? Is it something like what has happened in Tonga with the sale of citizenship to Chinese nationals who want to live on a Pacific Island? Very strange...
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Permanent Residency up for sale 4 Dec 2007 00:55:47

The interim government has announced a bold initiative that deals with immigration..
Immigration director Viliame Naupoto has told the Fiji Australia Business Council meeting in Nadi this afternoon that from January 1st next year foreigners will be able to purchase a permanent residency status in the country.

He says it will cost three thousand dollars per person to buy the P-R... Naupoto says details on how this will work will be announced soon.. He adds major changes to our work permit regulations will also be announced soon.


nzm said...

I can understand the attraction for people getting Aus and NZ citizenship because those passports are among the easiest on which to travel around the world.

Apart from being able to live in Fiji with PR, I can't see any advantages.

What are they doing it for? Are they trying to attract more people to live and work in Fiji?

Pandabonium said...

It would certainly be attractive to a retiree. That is one of the issues I look at as I choose where to live in the world - how difficult it is to get residency. Unless one has a specialty that is in need or is a millionaire, most countries make it pretty tough. If I were able to spend more time there, I'd be spending more money there (which comes from outside Fiji). May be a smart move from an economic standpoint.

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nzm said...

Pandabonium: You're right.

Any idea about the taxation situation in Fiji right now? I'm out of touch.

Wendy: if get you any more info on the PR process, I'd be interested to read it. Thanks.

Pandabonium said...

By the way, NZM, it isn't citizenship, it's residency status, a person would retain their home citizenship and passport.

I doubt people would be looking to work there. I would love it, as I don't like the present requirements (too many disclosures of personal data and other hoops to go through). So at present I am limited to a max of 6 months in Fiji before I have to leave. Humbug.

In Japan it is almost impossible to get permanent residency status. One has to do work that recieves international acclaim or benefits higher education in a special way or the Japan economy. Actually much less difficult to get citizenship here (which, the way the US is going, I will seriously consider).

Pandabonium said...

Guess we were leaving comments at the same time. The only taxes that would affect me directly (other than import duties) would be on the sale of raw land which works out to about 30% of net profit (that's oversimplified, but close). Improved property is exempt (as when selling a house). That tax is explained here:
I wouldn't have any income from activities within Fiji. The income tax is explained on the same site at this page:

One possible additional advantage for someone like me who wants to build a home is a waiver on VAT for one containerload of belongings. I'll have to see if that will be part of this program as well. said...

Can anyone tell me what happened to the proposed initiative to allow foreigners to purchase a permanent residency status in the country?
Jim said...

Can anyone tell me what happened to the proposed initiative to allow foreigners to purchase a permanent residency status in the country?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

It seemed to have disappeared into the mangrove swamp like many other promises! Though there are a lot of people roaming around Fiji with dodgy immigration statuses I think.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! I would appreciate if somebody can tell me what happened 2 the 2007 proposal 2 sell fijian permanent residency??? Would be very interested in buing one.Thank' a lot. Bye. Oleg.

mahen said...

i am a srilankan and i like to have a PR in fiji to live with my family. i deeply thought that fiji is a one of the butiful country to live with family.

mahen said...

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mahen said...

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