Saturday, October 07, 2006

How's Tribewanted going on Vorovoro?

A few comments in the chief's blog indicate they are still progressing. But it's been raining in Fiji this week - seriously raining - and I think living on Vorovoro at present without the big bure completed might be a bit damp. Were they really sleeping in open-sided vakatunuloa kind of shelters? (A vakatunuloa is a kind of shed made from bamboo or wood with a tin roof or thatch.)

As for the other kind of 'tribe' in the un-named location, I notice that the spoilers are sneaking into this blog for some clues but I'm not naming names though a couple of newspaper articles last week (now archived and hard to find) suggested a bit of a kerfuffle about leasing rights but it was probably just one or two relatives agitating and it's all fixed up by now.

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