Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fijian men and change in dress

from w.
Many drawings and photos of Fijian men from the mid 19th century can be found on the websites of Rod Ewins and Jane Resture. I will put a few other pics here to show the change in dress, such as Fijian chiefs’ costume as in some Fiji stamps from a lovely website of Fijian stamps From the malo - brief masi wrap of the warrior to being clad in masi - barkcloth to the modern day bula shirt and sulu.

Matching shirts and sulus are popular for special occasions and the term used is 'colourvata' - same colour.


Pandabonium said...

Bula shirts and sulus are cool. Literally. Cotton is an excellent fabric for the tropics - and forget wearing a tie.

In Hawaii, the only people who wear ties are bankers and lawyers. Makes them easy to identify and avoid in public. ;^)

tooners said...

i was also gonna say something about hawaii. their colored clothing reminds me a lot of hawaii and the ppl there. very similar.