Thursday, February 18, 2016

Who's goin' fishing?

The interference from Suva seems to tackle so many indigenous matters and now the idea of fishing in qoliqoli waters is to be controlled by the city suit people, not the local communities.  Some rich commercial fishermen will surely take advantage and clean out the sea of fish.  Local villagers surely don't have to pay fees. I know, some people ask too much goodwill, but that's a better way than the bit boso from Suva telling 'em what to do.
from the Fiji Times:

Fishermen free to fish in qoliqoli

Tevita Vuibau
Friday, February 19, 2016
LICENSED fishermen are allowed to fish in the qoliqoli (traditional fishing ground) and police will stop qoliqoli owners who attempt to intervene, says Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.
Previously, fishermen had to make goodwill payments to qoliqoli owners for use of their qoliqoli, however, Government put a stop to this after noticing discrepancies in the amount charged by different qoliqoli owners.
Mr Bainimarama said the Ministry of Fisheries was currently holding consultations to establish a uniform sum to be paid by fishermen to qoliqoli owners.
Speaking to villagers in Namena, Tailevu yesterday, Mr Bainimarama said until a uniform sum was decided, fishermen who paid their licence fees to the Ministry of Fisheries were free to fish and should not be stopped by qoliqoli owners.
He said should qoliqoli owners continue to ask for goodwill payments, the fishermen simply had to inform the provincial administrator and the police would ensure their right to fish.
Speaking in the iTaukei language, Mr Bainimarama said Government was doing this because there were families who could not afford the fees.
He said some families were living on $1000 a year and to be asked in some cases to pay $3000 for four months of fishing, or even for a year, was too much.
Mr Bainimarama said this applied especially to seaside rural dwellers who were only fishing for their meals and livelihood.

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