Friday, April 24, 2015

Niko in New York regarding Fiji's Indigenous Rights

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The Fiji Sun wrote a very biased piece about Niko's visit to New York. Perhaps this one is more balanced  if you can track down how to listen to the audio.  It's on Pacific Beat of the ABC.

Battle over iTaukei rights in Fiji resumes at UN in New York

Updated 21 April 2015, 12:26 AEST
Delegates from the Fiji Native and Tribal Congress are at the United Nations in New York to challenge 17 decrees in Fiji law which they say contravene indigenous rights.
They're making a presentation at the UN's 14th Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, just the latest step in a two-year battle to persuade the UN to pressure Fiji's government over iTaukei rights.
The Congress argues that the government is violating ILO Convention 169, and harming iTaukei rights to self-determination, and particularly control over native cultural, educational and financial institutions and tribal lands.
Opposition MP Niko Nawaikula is part of the Congress' delegation in New York. He's just appeared before the UN Forum.
Presenter: Richard Ewart
Speaker: Niko Nawaikula, Fiji opposition MP, Fiji Native and Tribal Congress representative
Also, an audio from New Zealand.  Go to

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