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Natural foods versus supermarket foods in Fiji

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When it was announced that Fiji children in Grade One were being given free milk and one Weetbix biscuit some people realised that this would reinforce the shift from eating home-grown vegetables to children crying to their parents to buy supermarket breakfast foods.  Now, on World Heath Day, this was re-inforced by a speaker and in a cartoon.  Text (but not the cartoon) is from the Fiji Times Editorial.

Healthy food, healthy body

Fred Wesley
Wednesday, April 08, 2015
THE fact that Fijians are rapidly moving away from organic food consumption and are opting for more chemical-based and processed foods is a matter of concern.
The revelation was shared by the Health and Medical Services Minister Jone Usamate ahead of the World Health Day celebrations yesterday.
World Health Day, he pointed out, is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on April 7 under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization.
"As our food supply becomes increasingly globalised, the need to strengthen food safety systems in and between all countries is becoming more and more evident," Mr Usamate said.
"The international celebration is an opportunity to alert people working in different government sectors, farmers, manufacturers, retailers, health practitioners and consumers about the importance of food safety and the part we all can play in ensuring that everyone feels confident about what they have on their plates."
Understandably, the day is important. As the minister said, it is an opportunity to create some awareness about what we eat, and the impact it will have on our body.
It is when you get to the other bits of his speech that concern is raised.
Especially the bit about studies showing Fijians are not consuming enough fruits and vegetables daily. It is difficult to comprehend this when one considers the fact that we have these in abundance.
"Fijians are increasingly consuming machine-based foods more than land-based foods and drinks. They are moving from organic to chemical-based processed foods. More and more, Fijians are transiting from organic farms to supermarkets," the minister said.

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