Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Wailevu kids camping at Nukutatava

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Lo from Vatuadova posted 500 and more photos of a church camp on facebook. These were taken at the former Church Missionary Fellowship campsite at Nukutatava where they used to have a training school - sixty acres freehold next to our beach property. I thought the land was up for sale.Anyway about a hundred children from the WailevuMethodist Sunday Schools and youth had a camp there this week. The buildings are still intact even after a hurricane and the place is looking good, certainly a fine venue for a camp or retreat. Here are some of Lo's photos.

Tarisi Ratawa wrote about the camp as follows: On the 2nd to the 3rd December,the Wailevu ,Bucalevu,Vatudova Sunday Schoosl gathered at the dining hall at Nukutatava to spent two days of retreat,refresh their spiritual life and their time alone with God! Apart from their programme officials from ngos like WCC came to give lectures on child abuse and,health talks were also shared.Th age groups were from five to eighteen.Different programmes on different age groups were taught like traditional cultures. I was fortunate as I was invited to come and share on kids discipleship and teach some English choruses.They really marvellous and loved the place as we came to end the day with a barbeque on the beach, play volleyball and on top of that swimming where everyone enjoyed to the full. THOSE TWO DAYS WERE REALLY SHORT!!

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