Monday, September 16, 2013

Shopping in Tonga

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Shopping in Nukualofa.  when you need bread and milk for breakie, you just go along the road and soon you will find a small shop. These little Chinese shops - about four foot deep involve a lot of fun in communication. I wanted a bottle of lemonade so Andrew asked for 'lemonade'. She shook her head, didn't understand, so I said to ask for Fanta or Sprite. So he asked for Siperaiti and there was a big smile from the Chinese girl. She understood at last and I got my lemonade. These little shops are scattered about the suburbs of Nukualofa besides the main shopping area which includes a marvellous fruit and vegie market and craft market and even Morisi (Morris Hedstrom) etc. We found a lovely book shop, I think it's called the Friendly Tonga Bookshop, but the books on Tongan culture were way too expensive so I only bought a sketchbook and some good pens.  

The Tongans seem to use initiative and many have little op shops in front of their homes, selling vegetables or second hand clothes, or the sort of things relatives send to them in containers. The people wait patiently near their stalls and make money from people passing by.

I loved the craft market downtown as the items were so beautiful but I only bought some shell jewelry and a couple of fans. 

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