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Regarding Baker Hall

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I took several photos of Baker Hall a week ago when we were in Nausori between flights and had two hours to spare because of a plane delay. Meanwhile the Fiji papers do have bits of news about Baker Hall renovations. It is pleasing to note that overseas money will do the major assistance as the local people are burdened enough in their daily lives.  There's also plenty of land under the supervision of the Methodist Church that can be used by teams of youth to plant gardens to raise funds. Just look at the initiatives of the people of Tonga in their eight acres allotments.
Though Baker Hall is in a state of disrepair, the Theological College, (Vuli Talatala) at Davuilevu is very neat with excellent gardens, so I'll post about that later on.

And now that the Methodist Church in Fiji is on facebook, and have a blog, and twitter, and are making little videos, the public can be informed in a better way about what is happening.  For the information about Baker Hall go to a youtube video as follows;

Repair works for Baker Hall

Torika Tokalau
Saturday, August 31, 2013
YESTERDAY marked a historical occasion for the Methodist Church in Fiji as it held the groundbreaking ceremony for the Baker Hall renovations in Davuilevu.
The building, which turns 103 years old in October, will for the first time undergo extensive renovations to its internal structure.
"Since 1909, there hasn't been any major renovations, any repair or renovation done after that has just been patchwork," Nasinu circuit steward and a member of the Baker Hall renovation management team Nimilote Ratudina said.
The renovations are expected to begin as soon as the church organises the funds to finance the work.
"We have already selected the company we feel that is most appropriate to carry out the renovations through tender two months ago.
"So as soon as the finances are confirmed, we are ready to begin and we hope to open the church in October 2014."
The renovations include changes to the whole timber structure, which includes the floors, repairs to the windows and an entirely new roof.
"There will be no changes to the size of the church. The only change is the removal of the faulty things and the places that have decayed. The building is in the process of being listed as a national heritage site and part of the criteria for that is that the outside structure can never be changed."
The funds for the renovation will be from overseas donors and internally from the remnant giving concept.

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