Friday, September 27, 2013

Just how low can you go - Fiji's minimum wage

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It's hard to believe just how low the wages are in Fiji for some people, when those at the top swan around and have elite trips and accommodation.  And the sum of $2.32F  is even less when put into Australian dollars - maybe $1.32A.
From Fiji Village today:
Proposal made for minimum wage rate to be $2.32
Publish date/time: 28/09/2013 [08:07]
Commerce Commission Chairman Dr Mahendra Reddy has proposed that the National Minimum Wage baseline rate should be $2.32.

During his presentation at a stakeholder consultation this morning, Dr Reddy said the survey they conducted with the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment, revealed that a large proportion of workers are earning low wages.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please loginto listen. 

Dr Reddy said this is why they need a National Minimum Wage rate in order for the formal and informal sectors to be paying above the national wage rate.
According to Dr. Reddy if the proposed $2.32 is accepted as the National Minimum Wage, government should increase it to $2.50 next year.

Meanwhile, two other consultations are expected to be conducted before they submit to cabinet a proposed National Minimum Wage in November this year.

Story by: Filipe Naikaso

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[_]3 said...

Yes there is income inequality and it exists everywhere-some income gaps are more obscene in the US, the UK and Australia.

It is easy to forget about the importance of having a minimum wage established baseline in Fiji.
I think this post by Babasiga, is an indirect poke at the current Government. That's fine.

However, to describe matters in its proper and accurate context- Would Babasiga like to comment on the reasons why, the previous Fiji Governments or the Qarase's SDL Government did not pursue such an min. wage programs?

Or would Babasiga like to comment on their income inequality, corruption and racial bigotry that was quite pervasive under the SDL Government?