Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Poaching fish near Udu

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No chance even to read much brief Fiji news on-line as our computer was infected with a rogue virus and after that was fixed, there's problems with internet/email etc. and it takes time for a grandma like me to get the gist of these long technical conversations with techno guys at my server! (I'm currently checking email etc. at the church office computer!) Meanwhile some fishermen are illegally poaching off the coast of Vanua Levu, which surely is a problem.

from Fiji Times
Villagers want end to poaching
Thursday, October 22, 2009

A CHIEF in the Northern Division says illegal fishing continues unabated in their traditional fishing grounds or qoliqoli. This has raised concerns among villagers of Udu district in Macuata with their chief Ratu Emori Waqanivalu calling for police intervention. He said a group of unlicenced fishermen from Labasa were in Udu's qoliqoli last week.

Ratu Emori said he saw the men diving in the qoliqoli near his village of Vunikodi but they loaded their catch further down the coast. Poaching, he said, had been a continuous problem and despite the presence of fish wardens, people continued to carry out illegal fishing activities in their qoliqoli.
Villagers want to work with police to stop the illegal activity. Ratu Emori said he would approach police and apart from lodging complaints of poaching, would ask for help to stop the problem.

Poaching has been a serious issue in the various qoliqoli of Macuata which resulted in the province introducing its own fish wardens. This has led to a drop in poaching cases in some districts of Macuata while others still suffer.

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