Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blessings for Diwali

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Best wishes to our friends who celebrated the Festival of Lights this weekend in Fiji and other parts of the world. Rich in symbolism this is a lovely festival that can be shared by all people of good will.
from Monika Singh Fiji Times
Sunday, October 18, 2009Awesome ... Anand Prasad family light up their home at Velovelo in Lautoka last night.
IF the night is darkest before daybreak, then Diwali seems to be the new dawn. Renewed interest from young and old alike and happy faces thronged the streets and settlements throughout the country as Hindus celebrated the Festival of Light with fun and happiness.

The night came alive with candles, diya and flicking lights with firecrackers lighting the sky as people celebrated the special occasion with family and friends and even neighbours last night. People flocked to the streets and houses just the catch a glimpse of houses decorated with colourful lights, diya and candles. Much of the observance focused on the importance of light overcoming darkness as a symbol of good conquering evil...

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