Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hindi Fellowships Consultation

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My head is full of bhajans and stories but I'm tired so won't write now but Peceli and I had a wonderful weekend for Fiji Day as we joined in with the Hindi Fellowships Cosultation from 6 p.m. Friday till about 8 p.m. tonight. Just a few preliminary photos which include group shots taken on Saturday, the consultation banner, one picture of Peceli with the Navua Timothy Church padre and his wife.

Yesterday morning we sang a new song written by multi-talented Rev Graeme Sutton five years ago using the tune of Isa Lei. If you use it, give credits to the writer and Trinity Dandenong Uniting Church.

There’s a place where races come to worship,
by the Rewa, flowing deep and strong.
(or On Fiji Islands where faith is deep and strong)
From Dilkusha, (or In this nation) where all the hearts are smiling,
God is blessed in praise, and prayer and song.

Let your blessing fall like showers,
join our hearts forever, Lord, as one.
Holy Father, by your Spirit,
may we worship Jesus Christ your Son.

From this island-land of cane and palm tree;
to this land of vast and endless space.
Race apart, You’ve brought us here together;
and combined, we share of Jesus’ grace.

If we soar to heaven’s heights like eagles,
or in mines deep darkened caverns go;
on the farms, the cities or the school grounds,
there your love encompasses us, we know.

Precious Jesus, always watch between us
as we part and go our different ways.
May our friendship stretch across the ocean
with love you gave, and none can take away.

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