Friday, February 13, 2009

Town administrators

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A letter to the editor of the Fiji Times today says something. The lowliest worker in Fiji gets less than $2 an hour and when there was a plan to give them a few more cents, the idea was taken away! Alas, money has to be used elsewhere. Instead of voluntary councillors overseeing the planning in towns, there are now administrators, possibly with little experience in the tasks ahead, and now they have been promised hefty salaries!

Administrator's pay

$45,000 is a bit too much pay for the administrators considering the deferment of the wage increase of the poorest workers.


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Yesterday, an Australian tourist who came back from a holiday near Lautoka, told me that he was talking with a cleaner at the Nadi International Airport. The cleaner told him that he got $1.20 an hour. How can a family live on that?