Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Australian Masters has started

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Tonight was the Opening Ceremony at Skilled Stadium Geelong for the Australian Masters and there are over 7000 athletes and sports people registered, including Peceli and our youngest son in the javelin events. The Masters is for veterans which means over 30, over 35, up to over 90 and there's even one jav thrower over 90! Here are a few photos at the opening ceremony. They don't go by countries but by category e.g. archery, athletics, soccer, etc. One of the photos is of Peceli with two athletes from Auckland, New Zealand, and an Australian dairy farmer from the Wakool area of western NSW and she said there are only 3 out of 21 dairy farmers left and all the rice production has gone because of the drought. She is in the pentathlon and practices her jav event with a curtain rod! My exercise for the day was to walk from the car park to the seats at the stadium - a very very long way!

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