Saturday, February 28, 2009

Behind the Fijian smile

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We are all familiar with the wide smile of Fijian men and women and children, an openess of greeting, eye contact. So there's the idea that life is easy-going, one day at a time, sega ni leqa. But there are always stories behind the smiles, and other feelings of sadness, unease, anxiety that are usually hidden well, though tears do fall at times. Fijians who migrate to Australia and other countries still have that gorgeous smile which hides worry about relatives back home who often have to face obstacles in their lives but still have resilience and courage. Here are pictures of some of the Fijians who live in Melbourne, including the women preparing the beautiful lovo food and the guys in the band who sing the nostalgic songs of the Islands. Perhaps a readiness to smile is a response to a security of belonging, to knowing that God is loving, and that family and networks are always there for you - not matter what the current circumstances.


meg said...

Great photos Wendy!

Stephanie Andrus said...

Hello my name is Stephanie i am in search of an old friend of mine from Fiji named Paul Navosa , and the man in the photo with the great big smile and wearing the blue shirt resembles him quiet a bit. Any information on this guy you can reach me via my email