Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tribewanted and an artist

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Clicking here and there on the tribewanted site mainly to see how they have survived the brutal weather in Fiji lately, I found a story about an artist's project with the tribewanted gang on Vorovoro and fund-raising for the kids of Mali District School. The website explains the screen-printing project and the colourful stools that are marketed in aid of the Mali school. Vina'a va'alevu. Way to go, Kaz Brecher!

Stencilling is a natural process for Fijians as this is the way the masi barkcloth has the brown and black designed painted on, and screen-printing is a way to use this process. When I taught art in Fiji during the 60/70s I introduced screen printing to the children and some of the Labasa boys and girls won some major prizes with their work and we took trip down to Suva for the prize-giving.

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