Saturday, January 10, 2009

More talanoa with friends

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Yesterday it was delightful to have visitors who were down this way from their home in Darwin and to talanoa (tell stories). Welcome to Geelong Rita and Mike! Our friendship with them developed mainly through the Cuvu connection and the two spiritually empowering programs at Cuvu last year that Rita's family, the Lotu family, facilitated, and invited Peceli to participate in. So it was lovely when they visited us yesterday and, as usual, Peceli prepared kava, and then we ate pizza.

This evening Peceli and I went up to Wyndam Vale to see Sailosi Koto and Tau who have just come back from Fiji - Wednesday night - same flight as our youngest son. It was good to catch up with news of their daughter, Lutu's wedding, a trip to Gau and so on. Vinaka for the friendships and the stories to you all. Sorry Tau, the cameraman didn't catch you with your usual smile!

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