Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Aussie girl in love

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I stumbled across a very informative blog by Amanda in Tasmania, a personal story of the perils and difficulties of falling in love with a Fiji Islander, and the craziness of immigration paper work. I reckon her blog ought to be compulsive reading for those in Oz or New Zealand, etc. who contemplate such a relationship with a Fiji Islander! The pitfalls, the joys, the patience required, the awkwardness of crossing cultures and particularly the resilience required when dealing with embassies and immigration departments! We know many couples in this kind of situation. The outcomes have been very good at times, but bad at other times.

When everything seemed bleak, this is what Amanda wrote:
I have never been this powerless in my life. Our future lies in the hands of an office clerk, who may be having a good day or a bad day. He or she may feel like doing this properly or dismissing our case to the bottom of the pile.
Anyway, read the story for yourself on her blog. Fortunately Amanda and Chita are together AT LAST!

Another discussion on this topic can be found in another blog.

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