Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thank you Kris

from w.
St Mary's Primary School right on the main street in Labasa town, has been there such a long time and is still going. The St Mary's hostel not far away is on land given by Peceli's Dad way back in the 40s. Anyway they are fund-raising at present and here's a story about a lad who is doing his bit for the school.
from Fiji Sun:
Charity begins at home
A 13-year-old boy has set an example that charity begins at home after he volunteered to raise $1, 000 for his former school. Kris Dayal, a former St Mary’s Primary School student in Labasa was part of the school’s fundraising drive as it desperately needs money to pay its debts.

Noticing his parents’ busy schedule at their newly opened hotel, Kris took a bold step of setting up a snow kone and pizza stall at the school ground where he was helped by the hotel staff.

The stall had a poster which reads “Every dollar you spend at this stall will be a direct contribution to the school”

“As a former student, it is time to do something as a token of saying thank you to the school for what it has done to my development as a person,” Kris said. His parents Vinesh and Rachel Dayal said they were proud of their son’s initiative to help the school.

“I am a proud father that my son is part of this effort,” said Mr Dayal

“This should encourage former students to come out and be involved. “Parents can only give as much time they have. Listening to your child can also make a big difference.”

There were lots of activities at the school ground where parents and children were busy selling soft drinks and sweets.


Atesh Dayal said...

We are very pround of you Kris.

Anonymous said...

We all here in USA are very proud of you son

may yuen said...

kris m really proud of you n happy
your mum,(new zealand).

Anonymous said...

dude you are one very brave kid.keep it up u will go along way.may god bless u always