Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Computer woes send me scratching the wall

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A glitch of some kind last night stalled my boot-up. I blamed the game-player in the house while we were up at Altona representing the Fijian congregation at a meeting. I knew I needed a new battery because the time was reverting to 1980 every three or four days. Anyway I was in a panic, and we unhooked half a dozen cables, drew a diagram on how to put them back, then went to the shop where we bought the computer over three years ago. Four hours later, I rang the technician and he said, 'Hmmm, not looking good. It won't work yet. The hard drive does wear out you know!'

So I watched kiddies TV, I cleaned the kitchen, I watched a bee prowling around the rose bushes. I drew. I painted. Rather woosy pics though. What if we have lost all our email addresses! I couldn't edit pages of a booklet I am writing. I was thinking - I haven't backed up all my files!

Anyway by 6 p.m. Peceli came back from a DIK meeting and had picked up the computer at 5. It is working! How clever is that technician! Thank you Shane! He told Peceli, 'Tell Wendy to back up all the precious files.'

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