Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ma and Eroni get married

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Here are a few pictures from yesterday's wedding in Melbourne - our tram-driver friend, Ma (known as Lisa by the tramways colleagues) and Eroni from Nadi. It was a lovely celebration at St Marks Uniting Church in Chadstone and then a party in Oakley at a very large hall. Lots of laughter, great speeches, food and conversations with old and new friends. (more stories and pictures later.)


nzm said...

Ah that's awesome! Please pass on my lolomas to Makalesi. As you know, I did meet her on the 112 tram one day!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Nzm,
Peceli can pass on your lolomas as he plans to see them later today to farewell the visitors. I didn't get a great photo of Makalesi, tram-driver, but she did smile a lot and looked soft and cuddly so I hope they will be very happy. He is a very confident man, great talker and laughs a lot. Both have experienced the ups and downs of life so it's good to see them happy.