Friday, February 29, 2008

Vinaka NLTB

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A good decision was made to shelve the inappropriate Krishnamurti report. Vinaka NLTB. The vanua (Fijian culture) needs to be strong when the matanitu (government) is in trouble. TV news ran this today today on One National News.

NLTB discards Krishnamurthi report
29 Feb 2008 00:54:21

The Native Land Trust Board has rejected the M Krishnamurthi Report.The NLTB Board says it doesn't endorse the report which proposes the de-reservation of native land as a way to rehabilitate the sugar industry..

The Native Land Trust Board meeting took place yesterday...And this report by Doctor M Krishnamuthi was discussed.. Amongst proposals in the report, is a call to dereserve native lands to introduce large scale sugar cane farming...

This message has been relayed to the Interim Sugar Minister Mahendra Chaudhry..
The NLTB decision was unanimous - agreed by President RT Josefa Iloilo and the Interim Pm and Indigeneous Affairs Minister Frank Bainimarama.

The NLTB says the reeccomendation on dereservation has serious implications to NLTB and and it's custodial duties. But the NLTB says the issue of de-reservation hasn't been entirely shelved... The NLTB says their decision should put to an end any further discussion on this report..

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