Sunday, February 03, 2008

Day in Rukurukulevu village

from Peceli

The last day of my recent trip to Fiji was spent in Rukurukulevu village in Nadroga. The first five days of the trip had been in Cuvu for the kaulotu (missionary) commemoration of 160 years of the coming of the lotu, and of 10 years since the passing of Rev. Taniela Lotu. I was invited back to Rukurukulevu before departing on the Air Pacific flight on the Sunday night. I spent Saturday night with them wtih the Talatala Qase, Rev Jokini Siva who is from Kadavu. I was surprised to meet Rev Inoke Nabulivou there who was holidaying with Lillian in Suva and he was in Cuvu for the weekend.

Here are two photos of the Sunday morning - the Sunday School children during the church service which was packed, and secondly, five of us are standing near the memorial stone of the late Rev. Taniela Lotu which is close to the church. The vakatawa, another man, Jerry Veikoso, a deaconess and me. We had a beautiful Sunday lunch at the vakatawa's house, and later they drove me to the Nadi airport by 4 p.m.

When I checked in my luggage was found to be 10 k in excess. I said I didn't have any money left as I had given it all away in Fiji. Later on they said it's alright sir. Later again, in the transit lounge my name was called. 'Rev Ratawa, please report to the Air Pacific Desk.' I thought I was being told to find the money, but to my surprise, they asked for my boarding pass. What would happen next? I was really surprised when they said I was upgraded to sit in the Number 1 seat in Business Class! So what an enjoyable journey it was, being so well-looked after. Fir the first time ever, I sat in the Business Class!

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peter Taylor said...

HI, interesting article.
Whilst you were in Rukurukulevu, did you hear about a group calling themselves,"Hope for a village".?