Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Should we change the Fiji flag?

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An academic says that the current Fiji flag does not really represent who the Fiji people are. - the story in FijiTV yesterday:
Question raised about Fiji Flag symbol
10 Oct 2007 01:43:47
As we mark the official Independence day - today - there are suggestions that our National Flag revert to the first Fiji Flag of Ratu Seru Cakobau, with a few modifications. USP academic, Vijay Naidu questions whether the current symbols on our National Flag are approriate given the country's independence 37 years to the day. etc. etc.
Bananas - well, that does suggest something other than a small crop of fruit doesn't it! Coconuts? Not a great industry at present. An English lion and the Union Jack - shows us something of the colonial past which is surely now shed. The blue of Pacific of course is an excellent choice of colour. Here are some of the Fiji flags over the past 170 years starting with the Cakobau flag.

Of course it's hard to reconsider changing the present flag because it is now associated with Fiji and waved with pride on numerous occasions.

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