Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fiji and tangled wire

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As I listen to the FBC and hear points of view and read the various Fiji newspapers on line I come to the conclusion that the situation is like a mess of tangled wire and I cannot decide what is truth, what is fiction. People I admire and respect are saying this, friends and people I admire are saying that. The appointment of the Catholic Archbishop as co-chairman of this new committee comes to mind, and our friend the Anglican bishop in Labasa, Father Epi, is supporting this stance. Others such as Ro Teimumu Kepa are vehemently not. Chiefs are silent, or saying yes (to please) when they possibly mean no. We find it easy to judge, but really we all live in glass houses. So I am getting tired now of trying to untie the tangles in my own assessment. One unseemly outcome however is that more and more people are confused and taking sides instead of finding some kind of common ground in the middle - how to untangle the wires and smooth the path ahead.

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