Sunday, October 28, 2007

Once upon a time in Fiji

I. turtle trying out new undercarriage and uncomfortable - perhaps it's like trying out new dentures!
2. turtle eggs
3. baby turtles and baby butterflies

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A young mother read my turtle story-in-preparation to her four year old and suggested that I locate the story somewhere so it's now starts as 'Once upon a time in Fiji'. I've posted several of the drawings/paintings already on this blog or the geelong visual diary blog.

This morning I was woken up at 6 a.m. (though the clocks say it's 7 a.m. with daylight saving) by Junior (his day off work) who was playing a game on-line and the server conked out and he yelled out to me to block the firewall, but it didn't work so he dipped out - something about a blind coming down, he said. After coffee, I decided I needed at least three more pictures for the story book. But today was hectic and I had to draw some turtles, go and play music at a funeral,(Pacelbel's Canon, 'Alleluia', a bit of Bach, 'Abide with me' and someone's mobile phone was interfering with Eb and I was going to play a contemporary song I like 'Our life has its seasons' and someone clicked a button and Louis Armstrong's voice filled the chapel!) coffee, spent $49 at Not Quite Right shop for food we needed/or didn't need, (went in to buy three pies for lunch) prepare lunch, draw some more turtles and butterflies, catch a bus to a book club coffee and chat afternoon at a cafe, (a strange book called 'Arthur and George') come home, more coffee, and draw some more and now I've scanned them in here. Possibly will need to use colour though.

Meanwhile Peceli put up more walls and is into carpentry mode this week so I won't disturb him.

(Later) - Peceli cooked the dinner so that I could do more work on the drawings - I added some colour to some - and here is the turtle again without the cool blue tone as white would really look better on the page with writing.

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