Monday, April 16, 2007

Maika asks, 'Do we need a Vice-President?'

In the Fiji Sun today Maika has his usual commentary about Fiji politics. See this page
It certainly sounds like a comedy of errors and reads like a song from a Gilbert and Sullivan musical, such as 'I am a Major General....etc. etc.'
On the other hand, it can stay as it is - only change titles to their letters - which is usual in Fiji. This is the last paragraph then...

In such case, the P is said to exercise a reserve power. With the absence of parliament and in such an odd situation the nation is now facing, can the P use his reserve power to select a VP. With the suspension of the BLV, the P can use his reserve power. I know if the P uses his reserve power, it can be challenged in court. The only other way out of this crisis is to go without a VP until the government reinstates the BLV. The IPM can surely play the role of VP when the P is away. In the absence of the P, the VP will perform formal functions. He will attend all state functions, receive foreign dignitaries. He or she will sign credentials of the republic's ambassadors and receives those of ambassadors accredited to the FI. Surely we can be without a VP for the time being. The Office of the P has confirmed the P will soon name a VP. If this happens, the legality will be questioned. Already the legality of the P has been queried after the C removed him when he took over the EA on December 5, 2006. To avoid legal challenges against the appointment of the VP by the P at this time, the nation can go without a VP until the BLV is reinstated and recognised by the IG. Well I know the IPM and his regime want a VP and will surely go ahead with the appointment.

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