Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fiji Methodist Indian Division - historical photos

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While tidying up an old cupboard I found a magazine published in 1992 by the Methodist Church in Fiji to recognize the centenary of the work amongst people from the Indian community. I have posted three photos here and may scan and copy a few more later on.

One is from 1924 of the Indian Session of Fiji District Synod and includes Samuel Sharan, Nanan Sen Deoki, Rev W Steadman, Rev Richard Piper, John Lalu, Rev L Thompson, Rev Iswari Prasad, Rev J Long, and in front Alice Watson, Rev R McDonald, M Graham. The other photos are from 1957 - the opening of Jasper Williams High School and the other of delegates to the Indian Session of the Fiji District Synod.


luvei Viti said...

Thank you for posting the pix of the opening of Jasper Wiliams High.I was looking for old pixs of Jasper, that I attended and graduated in 1984.I left for Canada to further my studies and now Iam here in the US(temporarily)to work on my Masters(Business Science).Pictures like this,brings back great memories of a second home,where honesty,respect & integrity was the foundation.My school principal at the time was Miss Marjorie Hodge(a tough Australian)and the late Mrs G Woolmer(a hard headed dutch national).They taught me that been a woman does not limit you.I fully believed them and here Iam.
Ms Hodge(never married)finally retired and moved back to her native Australia.It even gave me a sense of more pride when my only other sister(younger than me)finished her high school at Jasper,attended Fiji school of Advanced Education and is currently a teacher in Fiji and pursuing working on another degree at USP.
I just wanted to share this piece with ya,to let ya know that,yes Australia had and still has a great impact on the graduates of Jasper and this present Illegal govt,is no where close to what the missionaries have done and are still doing for the children of Fiji.God bless your family and please..keep blogging.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Luvei Viti, hi and thanks for your story. Yes, those schools such as Jasper and Dudley certainly did impact upon the lives of young women in a positive way.
The photos I posted were before my time in Fiji - in the 60s and 70s mainly, but I thought some readers of the blog would make some connections. Marjorie Hodge lives just out of Melbourne these days and I must contact her and say hello as we are not far away.
I loved Lautoka, we were married there at Wesley church, and lived in Maravu Street half-way up the hill opposite the Phillip family.

luvei Viti said...

Wow,I just found ya blog and ya reply is pretty fast.Yes,Wesley church on Drasa Avenue:)..who could forget that(esp a Jasperian).
But pls give Ms Hodge my love(and let her know it's from one of her class of 1984 gals:)
Yes,how can I forget my sister school(Dudley)...I had cousins.who attendend Dudley.
Vinaka,Vinaka vakalevu and give my love to ya husband(tell him,it's from his 'AUVU and uro to from the province of RA.
Thanks a million and continue blogging..:)

Happysurfer said...

Wendy, these pictures are great! Kinda make me nostalgic about my own schooldays. lol Posting pictures is a great way to keep the memories alive and as a form of archiving. Great idea!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

luvei viti,
Bula vinaka tauvu. Thank you for commenting on our blog. Which part of Ra do you come from? We have relatives in Nokonoko. Ra is a beautiful part of Fiji and produced some very fine women - like you? Moce mada tauvu.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Thanks for reading our blog. Yes, old photos bring back memories and now we can connect on the web with people we might not have seen for a long time because they live in different countries. Many people from Fiji have migrated to Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia and also work in some odd places in the world.

luvei Viti said...

April 29-07:)
Isa 'auvu,Iam from Nalawa and it is so very interesting,that my fathers first love(when he was a young man back in he 50s)was from the village of Nokonoko.I still have a great memory of the location of that village on Kings road.His love name was Mila.(that was all that I was told)
Thank God for the virtual world,that we can get in touch,and share great stories with friends and families.
Drau kalouga'a 'iko:)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Luvei viti,
Peceli's youngest brother married Evia from Nokonoko so when we lived in Rakiraki for three years (Peceli was padre to the Methodist Indian and Part-European community there) we used to visit Nokonoko. Isa lei, Evia died a couple of years ago and was buried back in her home village of Nokonoko. She was a very close sister-in-law to me from when we lived on the cane-farm out of Labasa.
I will always remember the three years in Rakiraki - a beautiful time.
Peceli even climbed up the Kauvadra mountains one day and brought back a little vadra plant.

Jennies Baldeo said...

My name is Jennies Seema Baldeo, I am a very proud ex-student of Jasper Williams Primary and High School. I went to Jasper from the years 1981-1992 and we Jasperians always had our pride in our uniform and also our outstanding results in school work. I always look high for our dear Principal Miss Hodge who gave us the standard in school. Our school motto still stands as GOD OTHERS SELF. I live in Sydney now, I have been through many good and tough times in my life but all comes down to making me a better and stronger person in my life.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Jennies,
I was in Lautoka in 1967 and taught some music at Jasper that year - a long time ago! Peceli was a padre in Wesley Church then. As for Marjorie Hodge, she lives in Melton just out of Melbourne these days. I met her when we caught up with the Fullerton family just after Rev Doug died. Marj looks very well and really is just the same as she ever did. A beaut person.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Miss Hodge might have spent one or two years in the U.S. in the mid-60s? I have been trying to find my first grade teacher,an Australian Miss Hodge, for years to tell her what a good job she did...

Or does anyone have her address so I can write her and ask her myself?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I do't think it would be the same person. Marj was teaching at Jasper in the 60s and was a High School teacher.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving an update on Miss Hodge always wondered if she ever came back to Australia. She was a great influenec in our lives and my word we trembled when she worked the corridors of Jasper or did the after school rounds in her VW. She certainly made us into fine ladies. Thank you for posting these beautiful stories.
Praveen Kumar 1980 student

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Praveen,
I never went to school in Fiji but in Australia and I know how scared I was of some teachers. One taught me Commercial Law etc. and I argued with her that the law was wrong!
I taught only a bit of music at Jasper in 1967, and that is a long time agi!

DREU said...

Bula vinaka my dreu...i am from the beautiful province of Nadroga..thanks for the picturev of the opening of jasper williams high school...i am an ex student of this lovely school.Was reading thru and found out that Miss hodge Lives somewhere close to you...plis Dreu..can u kindly send her our love if u call her up...and can u pls ask her to look up this and say hello to the ex student of Jasper...we will be very happy to hia frm her....Miss Hodge was a big inspiration to a lot of Jasperians..and we miss her so much...Vinaka wishes to Both of u.

rohana shaheed said...

Thank you all for the beautiful comments you all have posted. I was a student at Jasper from 1981-1984. Been a long time now but the memories are all seem like yesterday. I would sincerely like to say THANK YOU to Miss Hodge for all she did for us to make us into the beautiful caring sharing and well educated citizens today. We all would not have been where we are all today if it was not for Miss Hodge. I would like to get her contact and when I go to Melb next would like to see her. May God bless her with good health and a happy life.. Rohana Sydney NSW

paul said...

true jasperian 2da bone:
Isa!!Thanx all 4 the comments I have 'njoy'd reading this evenin'..I was @ the Primary in Jasper from 84-91,then went on to meet Tai Hodge from 92 - 96.A great woman i must say and a Mentor during her time and even now when she's no longer there..
I am a registered nurse now for 10 yrs have a beautiful family, n the way i bring up my kids I would pass the credit to this gr8 lady ms Hodge.The photos I'm seeing I remember coming past it in one of the albums in ms Hodge's office when I went to see Mrs Kumar who was then our clerk..A very sensitive 1 I would say!!!it was a morning in 1993 when I was waiting to pay my fees and I just got hold of the albums on the rack..Isa! to u all who have been commenting b4 me,as long as we are JASPERIANS we remain siters no matter what year we joined, we are always unique and will remain that way 4ever.
Last but not the least the sight of the long verandah brings back the memories when I use to assist in the settin up of the sound system for assembly..and when it plays up u surely know where Ms hodge sends around the ground!!! Please send my love and greetings to Ms Hodge when you meet her in Melbourne

purple heart said...

Hieee!!!Bula 2 ol.. it's so touchin to see the old pix..I'm so emotional..Isa ms Hodge..please send my love to her wen you meet her in melby.
I'm a class of 92..n i think my class can tell you the fine contours of the grassy playground in High sch!!! because we always 'njoy running around thea!!! like that sara!!!hahaha!! Isa ms Hodge..because of her, I can say I have become a successful lady in my work place..I am confident with my opinions and like Ms hodge always say"we shall not be moved!!!"

Chow jasperians..we still reigning purple sisters!!!!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

from Wendy,
Yesterday I found this website which has quite a good story about Jasper Williams School and Marjorie Hodge. Can't download it but you could find it easily.

High tide: Australians doing business in Asia - Google Books ResultDavid Harris - 1997 - Business & Economics - 165 pages
MARJORIE HODGE has just retired after three decades as Headmistress of Jasper Williams High, a multicultural school for girls at Lautoka, Fiji. ...

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