Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chasing the money tree in Brussels

So far (20th April) there has been no talk of money, only of dozens of conditions expected to be pursued by the Interim Government of Fiji, so time will tell what happens next. Fiji Times lists those conditions.

The article starts of as:
Fiji's roadmapFriday, April 20, 2007

THE European Union insists that the general election in Fiji be held before March 2009, it has been revealed. And it expects the interim administration to:
by June 30, 2007, adopt a schedule setting out dates for the completion of the steps to be taken in preparation for the new parliamentary election;
determine boundaries and electoral reform in accordance with the Constitution;
take measures to ensure the functioning of the Elections Office, including the appointment of the Supervisor of Elections by September 30, 2007, in accordance with the Constitution;
appoint the Vice-President in accordance with the Constitution.
A statement by the EU in Brussels dated April 18, 2007, and titled "Conclusions of the European Union" lists commitments it said Fiji had agreed to undertake.
It includes, among other things, the upholding of the 1997 Constitution and the preserving of the "substantial independence and functioning of the Great Council of Chiefs".
etc. etc.

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