Sunday, February 11, 2007

Some help is arriving for Labasa flood victims

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Villages, farms and schools in lie-lying areas are now recovering from the floods. Some of the schools lost books and furniture such as All Saints Secondary School near the Qawa River and Guru Nanak Primary School which is in a location that was once swamp land. Here are two pictures from Korowiri village which was flooded and the people used the local Methodist Church as a temporary camp. Notice the priorities - keeping the TV safe up high, and the cushions for the church pews!

A request for people in Suva to send items to Labasa urgently has come from the Women’s Action Centre as follows:
Can you please donate any spare clothes, bedding, school items, for people from Labasa and surrounds, who are currently facing a crisis after flash flooding?

WAC has organised limited free cargo transport from Natovi to Labasa so please drop in any spare items to WAC at 333 Waimanu Road, Suva (Opposite the CWM Maternity unit) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Many homes in the North are still covered in mud and stale water, and lots have lost all they own. Schools are still closed as many are being used as crisis centres, and many children have lost uniforms and books for the year.

*Any spare cartons or heavy duty bags (in good condition) are useful too. *We are sending the bags as soon as possible (Latest Thursday 15 Feb).
And now the rain is coming down in Viti Levu and the western side is copping flooding! That's the tropics and it is the summer rainy season, but there is so much damage caused every time there is a flood.

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