Thursday, February 15, 2007

Adam's most excellent adventure on Vorovoro

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I don't want to pinch his story and pics so read and look for yourself - an excellent week's adventure on Vorovoro Island with tribewanted, and he posted over 170 beaut pictures on flickr.

His story starts of as follows:

My Vorovoro - Adam Carter

15 February 2007
Starting from the beginning then – the plane ride from Nadi to Labasa. You get into a small, roughly 15 seater, plane after having your luggage weighed, and even getting on the scales yourself (I flew with Sun Air). It was funny though, just to look at the difference between the way Sun Air and Air Fiji operate (their check-in counters were side-by-side in Nadi Airport). Sun Air as a whole seemed to be very laid back (they didn’t even have a proper staff uniform for crying out loud), which was cool, because that could never happen anywhere at home, and it was just a nice reminder of how different the Fijian culture is as a whole. It was easily the smallest plane that I’ve been on, so it was definitely a bizarre feeling to have the plane fish tailing down the runway as it picked up enough speed to take off. I know it’s been said before, but the views on the plane ride to Labasa are spectacular at the worst of times........


Adam said...

Wow, I can't really believe the coverage that my post about my adventures is getting. I only posted it in the Tribewanted forums last week and now it's everywhere. Thanks for your continuing interest in everything Tribewanted

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Adam,
I really enjoyed your story and your numerous photos.
w. said...

Wow, there is a great deal of useful information in this post!