Monday, February 12, 2007

New flights to Labasa - Pacific Sun

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This is a bit of a commercial for the new service provided by Air Pacific for within Fiji so I pinched their logo and their map! Not that I have any problem with the other airline as I've flown several times from Nausori to Labasa and back. Thanks Gilbert from Promoting Suva for giving us the link.

The following information has been adapted from the website for Pacific Sun.
Cheap Fares - Airfares will be available for certain sale periods from as low as:
Domestic Fiji Special Bula Fares (FJD) fare plus vat plus surcharge

Nadi-Suva 68.00 plus 9.00 plus 25.00
Nadi-Labasa 103.00 plus 13.00 plus 25.00
Nadi-Savusavu 100.00 plus 13.00 plus 25.00

Suva-Labasa 83.00 plus 10.00 plus 25.00

**Children's fares are 75% of Adult levels**
Note: - Fares quoted are one way. Fares & Vat and Surcharges are in FJD- Surcharges include fuel and insurance surcharge. (May vary depending on currency fluctuation)- Valid for sale from 29 January 2007 to 28 February 2007- Valid for travel from 01 February 2007 to 30 June 2007

There are other fare categories that can be found on the website.

The Pacific Sun fleet upon acquisition consists of the following aircraft:
2 x ATR 42-500 (44 seats)
3 x Britten Norman BNZ2A Islanders (9 seats)
3 x De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otters (14 seats)
Check their website for contact and other details.


Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr said...

Perhaps a photo of the new ATR42 would be good. Just to entice those tourists after the plane crash a few weeks back. Anyway, Air Pacific's flight record seems to be okay. I did fly on those ATR42s a few years ago when Air Pacific used to service the Suva-Nadi leg. They're quite comfortable and roomy. The new ATR42s are probably a later version of the same.

Pandabonium said...

I hope it helps get Labasa back on its feet after this terrible flooding.

The ATR42 is a good airplane.

The crash of the Cessna 172 was a sad event of course. I owned a Cessna 172 for many years on Maui and flew myself and family safely around Hawaii in it for hundreds of hours.

From the testimony I have read of witnesses of this crash, the pilot may have "stalled" the airplane - created a situation where the angle of the wing to the relative airflow became too great. This causes the wing to loose its lift and the plane plunges toward the ground. If the controls are not coordinated at the time the plane can flip over (as apparently this one did). If one has enough room, one can recover, but if it occurs only a few hundred feet above the ground, there is no hope.

People should not equate accidents like that one with commercial aviation. They are very different kinds of operations and conditions.
Fiji's commercial airlines - both internationally and inter-island - have very good safety records.

PS - in case some legal "loony" is out there, I am making no claim to know what caused this crash. I'm just speculating as to what MAY have happened.

Back to the original point....
I think this acquisition by Air Pacific will be good for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pandabonium,
Do you have any further news about the crash that you have mentioned in your comment,like who the pilots were???And what year it was???

radnorvance said...

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