Monday, May 29, 2017

Fish poisoning in Labasa

from the Fiji Times

Fish poisoning scare

Monday, May 29, 2017
Update: 3:31PM THE Ministry of Health and Medical Services has confirmed that 17 villagers from Ligaulevu in Mali were rushed to Labasa Hospital on Sunday afternoon over the weekend for fish poisoning. A statement from the ministry said the villagers were treated and sent home.
"It is believed they ate Dabea (Giant Moray Eel) for lunch," the statement said.
"There were classical signs of fish poisoning like numbness of hands and feet and some had vomiting and diarrhea resulting in mild dehydration. The team had Labasa Hospital responded promptly to attend to all of them, they had to be hydrated and given medication."
"All the patients were sent home after receiving the medical care and all of them have been advised to report back if encountered with any complications."
The statement said the Divisional Medical Officer (DMO) Northern and his team would continue to monitor the situation and any patients who may appear to be at risk would be carefully monitored and treated as required.
Meanwhile the Ministry of Fisheries and police confirmed that 16 villagers had been rushed to hospital while 13 were treated and sent home and the other three recovering at Labasa Hospital. Mali district representative Seru Moce confirmed this adding villagers were well aware of poisonous fish species but continued to consume them.

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