Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Class Six results in Fiji not so good

The Fiji Times told it simply, other media reckons it's just not good enough, but results to me show that something is wrong in the teaching and management of preparing for Class Six exams.  At that level surely you would expect 90% pass rate in most subjects.  Some schools however do extra-curricula activities and give the children great opportunities to learn about Fiji and the environment etc. such as on the Coral Coast where this picture was taken.  Perhaps there needs to be a breakdown - school by school - of results.

Year 6 results out

Aqela Susu
Wednesday, November 23, 2016
PARENTS and guardians can collect their children's Year 6 results from their various schools and district education offices today.
The results were released by the Ministry of Education yesterday.
A total of 17,024 students sat for the exams with the ministry revealing a drop in the pass rate in mathematics and Na Vosa Vakaviti. This year's Year 6 students did better in English, general subjects, hindi, Urdu and Rotuman compared with last year's students.
About 71 per cent of students failed mathematics this year and about 44 per cent failed Na Vosa Vakaviti. The pass rate for the other subjects were 54 per cent for English, 47 per cent for general subjects, 46 per cent for Hindi, 38 per cent for Urdu and 65 per cent for Rotuman.
Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy said the results would give all students an opportunity to know where they stood.

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