Monday, January 23, 2017

The Fijian language

fin a list compiled by Rd Ewins.
I like the tiny book by Paul Geraghty for anyone travelling to Fiji. And the third one listed here is by Gatty but I don't know what it's like.
The enormous research conducted by Paul Geraghty on the Fijian language and his work on Fijian to Fijian dictionary hasn't been published that I know if but I have it on USP sticks fortunately.  It is an amazing document but not for the ordinary reader.

Fijian language as fun I would recommend Prof. Paul Geraghty's engaging and surprisingly thorough little book "Say Bula!" which could be bought from Tappoo stores in Fiji, direct or by emailing
Fijian language learn online This is included here not for its quality but because I have not found any other online program. The blogger warns that he has no training as either a teacher or a linguist, not a very promising introduction.
Fijian-English Online Dictionary Free download

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