Thursday, April 09, 2015

Jasper girls remember Marj Hodge?

Go to the internet to for some interesting comments by Uniting Church people in Australia about their Easter experience in their various churches  - such as Marj Hodge at Melton. 
Marj Hodge – Melton Uniting Church 

Easter is a very important time for me and our church because this is what is crucial in our faith in what we commemorate at Easter – the death and the resurrection of Jesus. The normal program at our church is that on Thursday we have a prayer vigil and members of the church are invited to go and take one hour each and go to the church and pray. We try and make sure there is someone for each hour. In between that is the Maundy Thursday service which is a communion service.
On Good Friday there is usually a service in the morning and then the Easter Sunday service. Our church is involved with a group of churches that put on a community day on Easter Saturday. One church might put on face painting for children or a free sausage sizzle. Our church has been involved with helping children to make something out of wood – a cross or a table or something – that’s our Easter Saturday. It’s meant to be a contribution to the community to say we’re not just about doing something on Easter for ourselves.

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