Monday, February 16, 2015

Free books! I told you so.

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I just read in a blog that occasionally criticizes the Fiji leaders, here is an interesting bit about the promise of free books for students.  I told you so...... in my posting a few weeks ago.

BITING HARD INTO THEIR WALLETS: Parents fork out $150 to download textbooks from the Ministry of Education website and get it printed. Did Government con parents and students when it promised free textbooks?


1) Some schools are telling their students to download their textbooks from the MoE Website and get it printed. 
2) One parent tells Fijileaks he just spent almost $150 just to print textbooks for his son
3) The site has about 7 textbooks and it costs 10c a page to print at an internet shop
4) Each book is about 100-200 pages. 
5) Not all parents have access to internet neither can they afford the printing charges
6) Is this what the Government meant by free textbooks?

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