Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Plug it in to a coconut tree

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Typical of some gifts.  Flour to bake bread but where's the oven, where's the electricity. Do they plug a vine into the coconut tree?  I wonder too about gifts of laptops to remote villages, so how do they get wi-fi ? Well, I suppose the youth in the village can cook plenty of topoi to eat!

Here's a letter in the Fiji Times.

Bakery project
THE Ministry of Youth and Sports has funded a bakery project in my village of Dromuninuku, Naweni, Cakaudrove, with the mata ni tikina, the adviser to the youth group.
Eleven bags of 50 kg flour and baking ingredients have been received by the youth group, however, the youths are yet to receive the electrical oven to enable them to bake.
None of the youths are able to bake bread and the village has no electricity to generate the electric oven.
EREMASI DAME, Cakaudrove

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