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Anglican confirmation in Labasa

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St Thomas is doing well with many young people confirmed in their church recently. This was written up in the Fiji Sun.  

November 03

👤 by Seruwaia Waqasaqa, LABASA

More than 25 children of Saint Thomas Anglican Church in Labasa were part of the confirmation Sunday held at their church yesterday.The Confirmation Sunday means it is the first initial process of one’s inclusion into the Christian community.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is unique as it reconfirms their faith by being baptised. The Vicar of the Saint Thomas Anglican Church in Labasa, Father Kelvin Rakesh, said parents should take this time to lay the foundation on values they wanted their children to have.He said children took part  in the Lord’s Supper when they reached the ages of nine to 11 and received the Sacraments of Confirmation when they reached the ages of 11.
“We are trying to tell and teach these little children what this means. 

At this stage young children at the age of nine, 10, 11 have not developed in their minds the ability to be able to make decisions on their own. At this time their faith relies on people in authority on what the laws say and what their mum and dad says.”

Father Rakesh said parents needed to be open-minded and allowed their children to express and develop their own ideas.“When their children grow older, hopefully the values and the teachings that were laid at an early stage of life will help them in making correct and right decisions. This event happens every year and we are pleased to see a huge number of children reconfirming their beliefs and faith in the teaching and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.”

Father Rakesh thanked Archbishop Apimeleki Qilio who was part of the event.

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