Saturday, June 07, 2014

Voter registration for the Fiji election

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They are certainly spending a lot of money rolling into the election in September, even oveseas such as Australia. A few months ago we helped the team in Geelong with their afternoon/evening of registrations.  However though the team members were very professional they really didn't get a lot of numbers. Maybe publicity didn't reach everyone eligible and some live in remote locations.  Fiji people in Australia have several reasons not to register - maybe apathy, maybe thinking the Fiji irrelevant now that they live in Australia permanently, or that the election won't be fair anyway, or maybe other personal reasons.  Anyway the registration team are having another go, at cost of course, and I wonder if they will really get more attention this round.
Voter registration in Australia to continue this month
Saturday, 07/06/2014

The Fiji Elections Office will be conducting the second round of Voter Registration in Australia from the 21st to 26th of this month.
Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said the Elections Office has been working closely with the Fijian High Commission in Canberra and also with Fijians in Australia to undertake the exercise.
He said the teams would also be able to replace lost Electronic Voter Registration cards, make changes to the details such as addresses and also do new registrations.
In the February leg of registration, 664 Fijians were registered.
Story by Filipe Naikaso

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