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Joy from Geelong and Fiji

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Serafina, the fine journalist from Labasa has been yarning with Joy Baxter of Geelong this past week so here's a story written from Melbourne. Serafina was at our home last week and as I raved on a bit on my take on Fiji politics I got a little worried when I saw her writing in shorthand.  I'm rather outspoken at times and need to be more cautious, eh! Anyway this story is fine.

Foreign charity club happy to 'make a difference'

Serafina Silaitoga In Melbourne, Australia
Thursday, May 08, 2014
HELP for Fijians on Vanua Levu has remained a priority for members of the Geelong Rotary Club in Australia.
Club executive Joyce Baxter, who visits Fiji annually to deliver aid, said the team would meet this week to discuss plans for assistance to those back home.
"We are always happy to assist those in Fiji especially in the North because we know that our help has brought a difference to people's lives," she said.
"We help particularly the people in Dreketi area and villagers of Nabavatu and have done so for the past two decades. Our help started after we met the group of villagers from Nabavatu when they visited Geelong in the 1980s and our help has also spread to other parts of the North."
She said the recent assistance to Duavata primary and secondary schools at Udu Point, Vanua Levu, cost the club about $15,000.
"That was a lot of money but we were asked to help out with the school and we donated 25 water tanks," Mrs Baxter said.

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