Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tui Macuata laid to rest

The Fiji media and facebook have many stories about the funeral of the Tui Macuata, photos here are mainly from a Government site in facebook and from Rev Vula (who resides in Malake Island as a minister) who is from Mali, who went to the funeral.  Our family was represented by some of the women of Vatuadova.  I think many people took photos, discreetly I hope, on their phones or wtih cameras. There were up to two thousand people to be fed after the funeral so that was a huge task and for once it was correct to catch turtles for the chiefly occasion, though it was taboo at all other times.

From Fiji Sun

Ratu Aisea rests at their sautabu

By Siteri Taleitaki
The late Tui Macuata, Ratu Aisea Cavunailoa Katonivere, was finally laid to rest at the sautabu; the chiefly burial ground in Naduri Village yesterday.
As his casket made its way into the sautabu, the tikina ‘o Sasa was ready to bury their chief. The burial of the chief of Caumatalevu is the traditional responsibility of the Taukei Vuniwesi of Sasa Village.
Boundaries were placed around the burial grounds, as instructions for visitors and the people that it was a tabu to move closer to the Sautabu.
Speaking to Fiji Sun Adi Naomi Qiokalou, a representative of the Tikina o Sasa, said they were proud to prepare the final resting place of their late chief, the Tui Macuata.
Adi Qiokalou says it is their traditional role to prepare the burial ground of the chief of Caumatalevu. The tikina ‘o Sasa remained at the chiefly burial ground until the late Tui Macuata was buried.
Adi Qiokalou was grateful for the tremendous support and said: “Turaga Tui Macuata, Taukei kei Bolatagane rest in peace.”

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