Thursday, April 11, 2013

Opportunity for fashon designers

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I was interested to read that two persons from Fiji will go to Melbourne in June to study fashion design at Kookai, an excellent fashion house. Their designs are beautiful and geared to the 20 year olds. It's good to see the owner, Robert, thinking of training young designers from Fiji because Fijian fashion design is up there as very promising . Robert's mother came from a chiefly family in Bua so the connection with Fiji is very strong. Vinaka Rob and designer Tutu.

Kookai to greet Fijian interns

Tevita Vuibau
Friday, April 12, 2013
WORLD-RENOWNED brand, Kookai, will soon welcome two Fijians into their Melbourne-based headquarters for a month-long internship.
The pair — Yolla Johns and Netani Vulakoro — were the winning entry of last year's Most Promising Designer category at the Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW).
In line with one of FJFW's aims this year to send all 2012 winners abroad, Ms Johns and Mr Vulakoro are set to leave the country in June for their attachment.
"I'm so excited but at the same time, I'm also quite nervous about the experience," Ms Johns said yesterday.
She said she wished June could arrive sooner.
"I have no idea what to expect, but whatever it is, it'll be a challenge and I can't wait," she said.
Mr Vulakoro shared Ms Johns' sentiments, saying that in preparation for their internship, they were putting together other ideas.
"We're currently working on new designs to take with us along with the designs we showcased at the FJFW last year," he said.

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