Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seaqaqa Police Station

from Peceli,
It's good to hear compliments about the Seaqaqa Police Station as being the best in the country.  Forty years ago Seaqaqa was just a few cane farms but it grew into a big settlement.  Some of the pioneers in Seaqaqa were Jo Cavalevu, who was a Commissioner North then and Ratu Iloilo who was the Roko Tui Macuata. They thought then they could start another sugar mill in Seaqaqa but they didn't proceed with this. Congratulations to Jona for being the Best Community Policing Officer of 2012.

from the Fiji Times today:

Seaqaqa, Fiji's best station

Serafina Silaitoga
Monday, February 25, 2013
IT may sit among the hilly pine farms of Seaqaqa and beside a dusty road, but it has been declared the best police station in Fiji.
The announcement of the Seaqaqa Police Station being the best in the country last year certainly turned heads at the Police Excellence Awards on Saturday night and it sure did set a benchmark for other bigger stations.
The police station in Macuata has also produced the Best Community Policing Officer of 2012 in Corporal Jona Semo.
Delighted about the achievement of her team, divisional police commander north Senior Superintendent Fulori Rainibogi said the Seaqaqa Police Station also set a standard for other stations in the north.
"It has also challenged officers from other bigger stations around Vanua Levu to pick up and make improvements so it can also be like the station in Seaqaqa," SSP Rainibogi said.
"Seaqaqa team was the only one that received awards for the north and they deserve it because they have worked hard for it and they have done us proud.
"This will also mean a better year for us in the north as we will work together to produce better results next year."
Ms Rainibogi said the community policing program would also be enhanced in the division as they set their eyes to work better with the community to fight crime.
"We have a new model of community policing and that will be used by our team.
"Our work this year will mean increased awareness and outreach programs with the community," she said.

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