Sunday, February 17, 2013

A marriage at Rye Back Beach

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Peceli and I had a delightful weekend at Rye, over the bay from us so we went by the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento. Rachel and John's wedding was really unusual, with the formal ceremony held on a cliff-top above Number Sixteen Beach, accessed by a strenuous walk across sand hills and the temperature was about 40 degrees by 2 pm.  Peceli and another minister took the service. I sat on a prickly bush - no trees -  as I couldn't stand for half an hour!  The feast afterwards was excellent as the lovo the Fijian guys cooked was perfect - lamb, pork, chicken, dalo, palusami, cassava and they also roasted a lamb on a spit - plus all the goodies made by the hostess and family.  The feast and speeches etc. were in Rachel's compound so lovely decorations were put up by her family.  John is from Fiji, brought up on Koro Island, and Rachel is an Aussie - a very nice mature couple of people we had only met a month or two ago. Here are some photos we took over the weekend.

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