Monday, May 28, 2012

Solar power the way to go

from w..... Good news for Druadrua people with solar power installed. It's the way to go for distant rural communities in Fiji. In today's Fiji Times: Villagers rejoice as solar power brings light Salaseini Vosamana Tuesday, May 29, 2012 DREAMS have come true for a group of villagers and students of a district in Macuata after they received solar-powered systems last week. Villagers of Delaivadra, Salevukoso and the students of Druadrua Primary School will not have to resort to kerosene lanterns for light. The 53 households in the two villages paid a total of $2650 as deposit. Each household paid a deposit of $50 each to the Department of Energy under the rural solar system projects for the Northern Division. Department officer-in- charge northern Waisea Cavunailoa said a tender was awarded to a local company last year for work to begin this year. Mr Cavunailoa said villagers approached them for the assistance where they were required to pay $50 each for deposit before work started. "Fifty-three systems were installed in the two villages and about five in the school,"? Mr Cavunailoa said. "This is part of our rural solar system projects this year and we aim to facilitate those rural dwellers in Cakaudrove and Bua. The villagers will now save an extra $20 to $30 from buying kerosene every month and students will be able to study in brighter lights. "Now, they will be paying $14 every month as their bills and this is very cheap compared to the high cost of kerosene they purchase for their lanterns,??? he said. Turaga ni yavusa for the two villages Tevita Rokuta said he was grateful to the company and government for the assistance. "Now, we are living in the 21st century and I can die peacefully because my dreams of improving the living standard for my people has finally come true,"? Mr Rokuta said. "Students will now study in a composed environment and the villagers don't have to struggle anymore as the bright lights shine in our villages every night."? School assistant headteacher Osea Sokomuri said 32 boarding students would benefit from the system.


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