Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pooja in Labasa

from w There are many fine musicians in Labasa including those who sing devotional songs and qawali accompanied by tabla, dholak and other instruments. Here's such a group at the opening of new steps at a temple in Waiqele, Labasa. New steps for temple and its devotees Salaseini Vosamana Monday, May 14, 2012
A group of Fijians of Indian descent devoted singers at the laying of the 180 steps celebration in Waiqele outside Labasa Town yesterday. Picture: SALASEINI VOSAMANA A NINETY-NINE-year-old temple in Waiqele outside Labasa Town will soon have a new look with the construction of 216 steps from a nearby river to the temple. Yesterday, the devotees gathered at the Shree Mahadeo Shiuwala Mandir to witness Indian High Commissioner Vinod Kumar officially lay the foundation of the concrete steps. Mandir secretary Kamal Datt said they decided to construct the steps so devotees would have a proper walkway when collecting water for their prayers or pooja. "This is basically an act of worship because most devotees visit the temple first and walk to the river subsequently for pooja," Mr Datt said. "Devotees collect water from the river to sprinkle it in the temple and we believe it's only proper they are well facilitated. "This is part of our sacrifice and belief as we whole-heartedly serve our god and its imperative we upgrade the temple." Mr Kamal said the construction of the steps was significant because it represented their reverence for their god. "We collected the material ourselves and construction work will start right away," he said.

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