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Villages in Macuata

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Before the Labasa tourism guys start to think of promoting Vuo and Naduri they need to identify what tourists coming on these boats really want? and where they've been in other days on the cruise e.g. Savusavu, an island or two. Do they want to go shopping, see Indian culture, visit a village? There may be a prettier village near Savusavu. Naduri also is rather far away from Malau where the tourist boat will be. Vuo is close of course but it's not your 'idealised' bures around a splendid green as in the old postcards. However the people of Vuo, especially Tui Mali, are very used to visitors as they were host to the tribewanted eco-tourism project on Vorovoro Island for a few years and many of those visitors came to Vuo as they established a relationship with Tui Mali and the workers at Vorovoro.

About Naduri village - Do tourists really want to see a site of old posts of the chief's bure with a dramatic story of the past, as at Naduri? We've been told one version of the building of it by a senior gentleman from Naseakula, Sakaria, who has now passed on, but I wonder if ordinary tourists would be interested. However the people of Naduri and Seaqaqa nearby do splendid mekes and ceremonies - (several stories on this blog about these) and also their advocacy for keeping the Great Sea Reef healthy and also saving the turtles would be a point of interest.

I think a picnic in a good park in Labasa town with stalls might be better. What about Naseakula village - there's no mention of that. And no mention of Mali Island and Vorovoro, a short boat trip away, but of course tourists might be worried about getting back on time.
from Fiji Times today:
Village groups to promote culture
Serafina Silaitoga
Monday, February 20, 2012
VILLAGE tourism committees have been formed to enhance the promotion of the Fijian culture in tourism.

Labasa Tourism Committee president Paul Jaduram said Vuo and Naduri villages in the province of Macuata were the first to set up the committees.

"We have just formed a committee in the village of Vuo and we discussed some areas they need to beautify in the village for our tourists.

"The village committee will have to put up some items that identify the Fijian culture and they can organise other activities such as weaving of mats and meke," Mr Jaduram said.

He said the next cruise liner would arrive in April.

"We have chosen Vuo because it was the first establishment of workforce in Labasa with the hospital built there.

"At that time there was no Labasa town and not much developments had taken place so a bit of a history for our visitors would be good," Mr Jaduram said.

He said a clean up program in Naduri Village had begun.

"I have spoken with the Tui Macuata Ratu Aisea Katonivere and he informed me that they are cleaning up the area and would do more work in the village before we can take our visitors there," Mr Jaduram said.

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