Monday, February 06, 2012

Floods in Vanua Levu

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The Western side of Viti Levu was given most of the publicity recently but it's really bad in Vanua Levu also, such as around the Labasa area. It is still raining they say.
from the Fiji radio news:

North roads, bridges under water
Monday, February 06, 2012
A number of roads and bridges in the North are under water following continuous heavy rain.

In Labasa - the Urata bridge is under water and closed to all traffic The Nakama bridge under 10 feet water and Closed to all traffic.

The Sarara and Vunimoli roads are under 8 feet water and closed totraffic Tabialagi bridge is alo under water and closed.

There is a power black-out in Wainikoro.

The Waiqele Irish Crossing has been washed away.

Close to 300 hundred families live in this area and most of the houses are located near the Waiqele River.

Advisory Councilor - Chandra Shandil is urging the residents to move to higher grounds as the water level in the river is rising.

“At the moment it is rainng very heavily, with winds blowing very hard and the water in the Waiqele river has risen. I would like to urge the parents and the children not to cross the river because the situation is very bad.”

Meanwhile - along the Wairiki Road Irish crossing, the approach has been washed away and underwater and it is closed to all traffic.

The Nakama low level crossing alomg Naduna road had its approach washed away towards Waiqele Road. It is now closed to all traffic.

The Nasaqa Road crossing is under water and closed to all traffic.

The Waidamudamu crossing along Korotari Road is under water and closed to all traffic.

And the Nasivara Road crossing is under water and also closed to all traffic.

In Seqaqa - the Buavou crossing and Savulutu road are under water and closed to all traffic.

Nabouwalu - the Nanono bridge is under four feet water and closed to traffic.

At Solevu in - Bua- the bridge is under water and Closed to all traffic

The Nadenu, Rauba and Sidney settlement- are all experiencing heavy rain with strong winds.

Villagers have been advised to move to Luke Secondary School as it has been turned into an evacuation center.

The people of Tukavesi in Cakaudrove have been experiencing strong winds for past few hours.

The Station Officer at the Tukavesi Police Station Kemueli Baledrokadroka told FBC News the strong winds are accompanied by heavy rain and is felt by all villages.

Baledrokadroka says the weather was good in the morning but it changed suddenly after midday.

Another Tukavesi villager Aisake Senikarawa told FBC News - their village is now under water.

Breadfruits are strewn all over the village and big trees have fallen down.

A police boat was swept away by the currents.

Savusavu is still experiencing strong winds - but rain has eased.

A town resident Kenani Tadulala told FBC News - they had rain from late yesterday until this morning.

The winds have just started to hit them. Tadulala says - even small yachts and boats are docked and no one is travelling by sea.

Reports coming in say that the Bagata bridge is under 1.5 meters of water and closed to all traffic.

There is a power failure in Savusavu town.

Vunivesi, Varativa and Naloaloa areas are experiencing a rise in the water level

Report by : Elenoa Turagaiviu; Shireen Lata

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